Change is a group effort! I can't do it alone and your support will go a long way.

Here's how your contribution will be used: Campaign literature, plenty of election signs, lunch for the canvassing teams, and everything needed to get out to vote to ensure a winning campaign!

Campaign Contributions to Candidates for Municipal Office

Campaign contributions to candidates for municipal office are any money, goods or services given to the candidate for use in their campaign, including money and goods they contribute to their own campaign.

The total value of contributions from an individual cannot exceed $1,200. An individual may not contribute more than a total of $5,000 to two or more candidates for offices on the same municipal council.

If an individual makes more than one contribution to a single candidate, the formula noted above also applies. The rebate will be calculated using the sum of the contributions. For example, if an individual contributes $10, five different times to candidate X resulting in a total amount of $50, the individual is eligible for a rebate for their $50 contribution to candidate X.

The same formula applies if an individual makes a contribution to more than one candidate. The rebate will be calculated using the sum of the contributions, provided that no single contribution is less than $25.01. For example, if an individual contributes $20 to candidate X, and $50 to candidate Y, only the $50 contribution to candidate Y is eligible for a rebate.

We will send you a formal rebate form before the end of the calendar year. Finish filling it in, sign it and send it into the City Clerk's office as described on the form. In 2019, the City Clerk will email you the rebate portion for your generous donation.

Donation Rebate
$25 or less $0
$25.01 $12.51
$50 $25
$100 $50
$150 $62.50
$200-1200 $75

To donate by cheque please downnload our Donation Form and mail the filled out form as well as your donation cheque payable to Carol Anne Meehan Official Agent to:

Carol Anne Meehan Campaign
76 Houlahan Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2J 3Y7
P: (613) 914-7740

Donating by EFT is very simple. Log on to your online banking and find the option for Interac E-Transfers.

Fill out the form using our e-mail address and send your donation.

Please include your name and address in the optional message so that we can send you your reciept to claim your refund from the City of Ottawa

Select Amount To Donate by Credit Card

If you prefer to donate by credit card offline please download our Donation Form and fill it out and and e-mail it to and we'll process your donation

Authorized by the Financial Agent for Carol Anne Meehan, Candidate for Ward 22